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Many people comment on how easy flower arranging looks, but at Florist Kennington we know that it takes a special skill and approach to be a world-class florist. And we know how to pick them, which is why our team of florists in Kennington are some of the very best around. Every member of our team is highly experienced, passionate and enthusiastic about offering the highest quality flowers arrangements in SE11. So when you need a stunning bouquet that will make a real impact in Kennington, be sure to check us out online.

Affordable Prices for the Best Flowers by Post

Need to order flower delivery in Kennington, but have a budget to stick to? If so, you will love our range of exclusive cheap flowers available for delivery across SE11. We price our flowers in a way that makes them affordable for everyone, no matter your budget, and we have a range of options depending on your needs and preferences. Now, thanks to our cheap flowers, everyone in Kennington can afford to have flowers delivered.

Save Time and Money with Our Fast Same Day Flower Delivery

Your time and money are two of the most precious things in your life, and at Florist Kennington we have no intention of wasting either of them. That is why, on top of our affordable prices, we also offer the fastest flower delivery options in all of Kennington. Our same-day flower delivery is available across SE11 and means that no matter how late you have left it, you can still have flowers delivered in Kennington today. Or choose next-day flower delivery or pick a date that meets your needs. Whatever you choose, you'll get fast and reliable service, every time.

Show Someone You Care When You Call Our Kennington Flower Shop

Have you ever had flowers delivered to your home in Kennington? If so, then you probably remember how wonderful it felt to know that someone cared about you. Why not make someone else you care about feel just as wonderful by sending them flowers by post for their next birthday or anniversary. We have an excellent selection of flowers for all occasions in SE11, and our delivery options mean they can be there in no time. Show someone you care with expert flower delivery in Kennington today.

Our Flower Shop Has Everything You Need in Kennington SE11

Whatever you need from a flower shop in Kennington, we are pretty confident we have it available. Whether it is advice and ideas for the right flowers for your special occasion, or maybe you want to learn about the meaning of different flowers - we can help. You can also ask a florist on our team to help you, book your flower delivery in SE11, find out more about popular flowers in SE1, and of course, have flowers delivered wherever you need them in Kennington. Find out everything we offer when you visit us online today.

Ready to Buy? Send Flowers Online Today to Any Place in SE1

If you are ready to order flowers in Kennington, then there is no need to wait, because with our online flower shop you can browse and send flowers online with a few clicks. Simply select the flowers you want, personalise them if you need to, and tell us where you want your flowers delivered in Kennington. Our expert florist and courier team will handle the rest, making sure they are delivered on time from SE1 to SE11. Send flowers online today without the hassle.


From our clients

 At the last minute, I deiced to change my order and I was afraid they would make me pay extra or worse have a confrontation with the florists on the phone. However, they handled it professionally and the best thing is they didn’t charge extra for the mix-up. The flowers were still delivered in Kennington on time, and I was super impressed! 



I enjoyed an amazing flower delivery service at the hands of Florist Kennington. I placed my order in the evening and received the bouquet the very next day as requested. Communication was great with this company, and it was easy placing an order. When the flowers arrived, they were just lovely. The bouquet looked amazing, smelt great, was just visually stunning! I was so impressed with everything that transpired between myself and this company. So thankful to those involved.   

W. Anderson

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